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A digital ecosystem that enhances productivity and make it easier to attain impact

A central hub for social impact professionals, organizations and enthusiasts to connect, collaborate, and drive increased impactful change through access to digital tools that enhance productivity.

We are on a mission to connect social Impact professionals, organizations and enthusiasts to tools, resources and community necessary to succeed

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What people say

Great idea, can't wait for the platform to be fully lunched. Not going to miss this for anything. I believe my work will become much more easier.
woman, smiling, portrait-7175038.jpg
Julia Keys
Development Professioanal
Wow! This is coming at the right time, when we as development professionals need to collaborate and not compete. Thank you Coappt.
man, suit, black male-4568761.jpg
Richard Durgan
Social Inclusion Advocate
This is not only going to revolutionalize the way we work as professionals, its also going to change how we work with the society to attain impact.
man, black man, mobile phone-1868730.jpg
Pete Anderson
Investigative Journalist
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